Welcome to IQ Air Conditioners

IQ South Africa is the result of a successful collaborative and combined effort between Ben Van Wyk and Jacky Lu, who together, possess a combined 55 years’ experience in the air conditioning industry.

In addition to IQ's Head Office in Johannesburg, South Africa, we conduct business throughout Africa.

IQ's strategic collaboration with a leading Asian manufacturer (ranked No. 1) enables us to provide next generation air conditioning technology, making us a competitive force.

IQ provides a wide range of products and services across the entire HVAC / climate control spectrum (industrial / commercial / residential). Our business motto "if you want it, we'll provide it", represents our ideals from a customer focused, solution and supply perspective and we owe our growing popularity to our ability to meet a wide range of requirements.

IQ, constantly at the forefront of HVAC technology, provides an additional service relating to the energy performance of chillers with water mist assisted air-cooled condensers. This system relates to how the coefficient of performance of air-cooled chillers can be improved by adopting condensing set point temperature control and using mist evaporation to pre-cool ambient air entering the condensers to trigger a lower condensing temperature.

We look forward to doing business with you!